Specialization The art of doing business

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Длительность: 5 lectures of 70 minutes

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According to statistics, more than 70% of new enterprises in the course of three years of existence fail and leave the market. Statistics on innovative companies is even less rosy. The reasons that reduce the likelihood of the survival of a new business not only in Russia but throughout the world are quite diverse. However, we can state with full confidence that a significant part of the mistakes are made at the stage of business planning. In addition, a huge number of promising projects are simply cut off by investors due to the lack of a competent business plan. This course will allow students who want to start their own business to gain key competencies in the field of planning and creating a business plan, as well as familiarize themselves with all the complexities of business planning processes. Also, this course will be useful to students and inquisitive people who, not only refresh their knowledge, but also, may think about the commercialization of their own ideas. The course includes the basics of planning, as well as an exhaustive range of knowledge to formulate a complete business plan.


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