Modern management

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Длительность: 5 lectures of 60 minutes

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The course is based on the classic American management theory. The core on which the presentation of the material is based is the PEST analysis, that is, a comprehensive presentation of any social phenomenon taking into account its political (P), economic (E), socio-cultural (S) and technological (T) components and the corresponding roles of businessmen: manager-administrator, entrepreneur, manager-leader and professional. During the presentation, the role theory of the English psychologist R.M. Belbin, which allows you to most vividly present emerging management situations and determine the requirements for free vacancies when hiring.

Unlike a number of existing descriptive management courses, the presentation is carried out in a systematic manner, taking into account all necessary aspects of the theory, but succinctly, without any unnecessary information. All aspects of management are considered evolutionarily with the active use of the theory of the life cycle of the company and the theory of business culture. The course reflects the author’s scientific work in the theory of business culture, the practice of many years teaching management at the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University, as part of the Presidential program for training managers, MBA courses, as well as the experience of the author, who has worked as a financial director for a number of St. Petersburg scientific and technical companies.


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