Human resources management

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Длительность: 6 lectures of 20 minutes

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The purpose of the online course is the formation of students’ basic knowledge system and certain practical skills in the field of theory and practice of human resource management, which will allow future specialists to form the ability to make effective personnel decisions at enterprises or organizations.

Human resources management is an independent economic discipline, the subject of study of which is the organization’s activities, the process of developing and making effective decisions in the field of personnel management. Learning Outcomes:

– knowledge of the basic concepts and features of the formation of the human resources management system in the organization in accordance with changes in the economic and social environment outside and inside the organization, its strategic objectives;

– understanding the reasons for the many variations in the practice of managing human resources in modern conditions;

– the ability to choose the methods of staff training and business career management for each employee to achieve the strategic goals of the organization; to form a system of motivation and stimulation of labor of employees of the organization;

– Skills in developing a strategy for managing human resources of organizations, planning and implementing measures aimed at its implementation.


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